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Your leisure without worries

Allow us to control your craft autonomly while you relax and rid you of all your worries. Thanks to the latest technologies of our production that we use in various fields of automotive industry you will always be in good hands. Enjoy MariControl's benefits now.

  • All the appliances controlled by one single unit
  • Uses one IoT SIM card with pre-paid services 
  • Coverage even in places with no GSM signal thanks to LEO satellites
  • One application with automatic software updates
  • Intuitive autonomous functions with keyless access
  • We do not collect any data of your trips
Czech Republic
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Why choose MariControl

Universal Design

MariControl is designed to fit in any craft without the limitations of the vehicle's era of production or factory configuration.


Wireless security sensors, high water sensors, Keyless Go card with selectable security rules and siren will secure you and your craft.

Wireless Gas Measurement

Gain an instant overview of up to two gas bottles' filling levels, including composites, with integrated gas leak detection wherever you are.

Remote Controlling

Control lighting, power supply, heating or air conditioning and swap through security profiles via smartphone or tablet locally using Bluetooth or remotely GSM network.

More than Remote Control

Key features of MariControl

  • Interconnection with the existing power supply or independent operation
  • Universal application irrespective of the period of production and factory equipment
  • High quality automotive hardware based on the latest technologies
  • LIN-BUS, CAN-BUS, 1-Wire, USB, UART, RS232, RS485 buses
  • Wireless communication via ISM, Bluetooth, satellites and GSM
  • Automatic remote firmware updates for all system components 
  • Encrypted communication between all the wireless system components
  • Keyless access with Welcome Home function
  • Support of the world's leading device manufacturers in marine technology
  • Configurable inputs and outputs with switching power up to 870 Watts
  • Energy boost mode for increased energy self-sufficiency

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